Drezz Rodriguez: Put in the work and go get it

Drezz Rodriguez is busy, working as an illustrator and comics artist. His Webcomic El Cuervo, the Latin Assassin, has attracted plenty of readers on Tapastic, more than 45,000 views as of late October. He also draws the Webcomic Bison Bay on its own site, and maintains his own blog, drezzworks.

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From My Little Pony to Warning Label, comics pro Thomas Zahler has found the formula for success

Here’s how sucessful Thomas Zahler’s Warning Label webcomic has become: The most recent episode he posted at Webtoons — episode #21 — earned 4,031 likes and generated more than 160 comments. That’s a comic that connects with its fans. And Warning Label isn’t the only successful comic on Zahler’s resume. He’s also the creator of superhero romance Love and Capes […]

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To Infinity Studios: Using Kickstarter to help build a career in independent comics

Curtis C. didn’t want to wait for a publisher to pick up his comics. So he formed his own comics company, To Infinity Studios. That studio is home to several of his mini comics and his longer, dream project, the science fiction saga The Wild Cosmos.

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