A second life for your previously published short comics? Try the ReadyMade anthology

Do you have any short comics that were published in an anthology that didn’t exactly perform well? That’s always disappointing: You’re thrilled to have a comic published, but once it is, there’s no reaction to work, no reviews, no comments, no sales. Well, there is hope for those short comic stories in the form of Octal Comics’ ReadyMade comics. ReadyMade […]

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Want to publish your science-fiction comic story? Try WP Comics’ Tales from Orbit

Contributing to anthologies is a great way to gain published credits as a comics writer or artist. It’s far easier to get a publisher to consider an eight-page short story from a new writer or artist than it is to get that same publisher to take a chance on a 22-page comic or 80-page graphic novel.

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Comics Jobs: Want to work for Marvel Comics? If you’re a mobile game pro who loves comics, you have a chance.

Want to work for Marvel? You’re far from alone. Who knows how many comics creators dream of working for the company behind Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine and so many other iconic characters. If you’re a professional artist or designer working in the games industry, and you’re a fan of comics, you might have your chance.

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