Want to see your comic published? Alterna Comics is a great option

alternaThere are plenty of publishers that could be a home for the comic that you’ve written or drawn. Don’t limit your choices to just Marvel, DC or even Image. Your odds of getting a pitch or story accepted at those publishers? Slim, and that’s being generous.

But the independent publishers dotting the country and the globe? You’re more likely to find success there, especially if you’re pitching a complete package, penciled, inked, colored and lettered pages.

One good alternative is Alterna Comics, a busy publishing house that has worked with many independent creators. What’s impressive about Alterna is their jam-packed publishing schedule. The company doesn’t just publish one or two titles every year. It publishes a lot, both in print and online.

Their submissions process is a fairly detailed one, and you need to follow the rules if you want to be considered. Alterna will not even look at your submission if you don’t. If you’re a writer, you need to be working with an artist. Alterna won’t accept story pitches not accompanied by completed pages.

But if you do have an artist on board and professional-grade pages ready to go? Submitting to Alterna is a smart move. You can check out their submissions page here. And if you do submit? Good luck. You’ll still be facing plenty of competition, just not nearly as much as you’d be going against at the big three comics publishers.

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