Want to publish your science-fiction comic story? Try WP Comics’ Tales from Orbit

tales-from-orbitContributing to anthologies is a great way to gain published credits as a comics writer or artist. It’s far easier to get a publisher to consider an eight-page short story from a new writer or artist than it is to get that same publisher to take a chance on a 22-page comic or 80-page graphic novel.

And, yes, many anthologies don’t pay. That doesn’t mean, though, that they aren’t a good home for your short stories. You can use that published credit as a way to convince other publishers that you can turn in a story — whether you’re a writer or an artist — that publishers will want.

So, if you write science-fiction comics, then you should certainly consider submitting to the Tales from Orbit anthology published by the UK’s WP Comics.

As the name suggests, the anthology features science fiction. If you have a science-fiction story completed, send it in. The publisher is currently accepting stories for this anthology.

You will need to turn in a completed story, though. And the company doesn’t pay for contributions to this anthology. Again, you will have a nice credit to your name, though, if your work is accepted.

Building a comics career takes a long time. But every published credit you earn is a step closer.

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