Posting your comics on Tapastic? Don’t expect fame

Not a ton of love so far for my Conquerer comic on Tapastic

I tried an experiment last year, opening a page on the Tapastic collective of Web comics. I was curious how my comics would perform on the site. Would they gain a lot of views? Would they, maybe, generate ad revenue?

The answers: Not really.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post your comics on Tapastic. I also use the site as a sort of resume for comics publishers. It’s a handy page to show them my writing style. In that sense, Tapastic is useful.

But it hasn’t been particularly useful for me as a way to nab a huge number of followers or any revenue.

Starting in October of last year, I began posting four short comics of mine — 12 pages or less — and one long series, one that, when complete, will run for more than 90 pages.

The short series have performed in a range from poor to mediocre. One series has nabbed just 78 views and seven likes from fans. My best-performing short series has earned 245 views and nine likes. Not exactly impressive numbers.

My longer series has done a bit better. I began posting it in late November, and have now posted 23 pages. This series has earned 425 views and 11 likes. Also not great, but it is nice to know that at least some people are reading it.

Tapastic lets creators participate in a revenue program where they earn money based on the number of ad views their comics generate. So far my five series have generated a grand total of 16 cents worth of revenue. By the end of 2017, who knows? Maybe I’ll have earned a dollar.

Here’s what I’ve found on Tapastic: You will generate views every time you post a page. I average about 25 views or so on the day I post a page. Immediately after that, though, your views will plummet. This has been confirmed in the forum section of the Web site, with creators reporting the same general trend.

The verdict? I’ll probably continue to post my long series to Tapastic. My hope is that it will eventually find an audience. But I’m also realistic: The site is a good place for creators to post their work. But it’s not a site that will bring the majority of them — and I’m talking 99.9 percent here — massive numbers.


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