My comic — Slash in Love — is now officially published

The goal isn’t to turn this blog into a brag-fest. But I am happy to say that the comic I’ve been working on with talented artist Coty Taboada  and letterer Mike Rickaby, Slash in Love, is now officially published.

WP Comics is the publisher, and offers the story in both print and digital copies. The first of five issues is now available. The goal is to publish an issue every one to two months.

The same publisher has also published one of my short comic stories — Alex Rodgers: Fashion Designer of the Future! — in its Tales from Orbit anthology. Both comics came out on the same day. That comic was drawn by artist Vanessa Cardinali and lettered, again, by Mike.

I’m sure neither comic will make anyone famous. But it is rewarding when a publisher thinks your work is of a high-enough quality to take a chance on it.


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  • Now to be honest, Image Comics is my favorite comic book company, even over Marvel, because they consistently publish some of the best comic book stories that aren t just the same superheroes in tights stories.

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