A second life for your previously published short comics? Try the ReadyMade anthology

Do you have any short comics that were published in an anthology that didn’t exactly perform well? That’s always disappointing: You’re thrilled to have a comic published, but once it is, there’s no reaction to work, no reviews, no comments, no sales.

Well, there is hope for those short comic stories in the form of Octal Comics’ ReadyMade comics. ReadyMade is a second-run anthology featuring comics that have already been published.

You might think that you don’t have the right to re-publish comics that have already appeared in an anthology. But you do. Most open-call anthologies fall into one of two categories, non-exclusive or first-run. With both types, you can eventually publish your comics in other books.

In non-exclusive anthologies, you can submit your comic to another publisher immediately. In first-run anthologies, you can re-submit to a new publisher after a set period of time passes, usually a few months to a year.

So the ReadyMade anthology gives you a chance to publish your short comics again, hopefully attracting a larger audience the second time around. Octal will bunch comics into themed books. But the company will accept comics on any theme. They’ll take the ones they like and sort them. If they dedice to publish a horror-comedy book, all horror-comedy shorts they receive will be considered for that particular anthology.

Of course, Octal Comics won’t accept every submission they get. But this could be a great opportunity to show your work to a potentially new audience.

The anthology’s submissions page has a lot more information, including a short comic that does a great job of explaining the process. Give it a try and see what happens.

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