The success of online comic Check, Please! is amazing (It’s about hockey!)

Ngozi Ukazu has had some amazing success with her Check, Please! online comic. Earlier this week, NPR even interviewed her about it.

What’s most amazing is that Ukazu’s comic is about collegiate hockey, not exactly a topic that you’d think would draw thousands of readers. But it does. And the comic’s fans aren’t shy about donating to it. Ukazu’s Kickstarter campaign for the second “year” of her comic generated more than $398,000 in donations.

What’s the secret? The art is terrific. And the story is fun. Most of all the main character — Eric Bittle, a gay hockey player trying to fit into his time while avoiding getting checked on the ice — is extremely likable.

That last part might be the key. It’s easy to care about Bittle and his teammates.

It helps, too, that Ukazu has mastered the art of creating comics that fit well with the digital world. Sometimes her images move. Other times, text flashes on and off in her panels. She’s not just taking what could be a print comic and throwing it online.

If you haven’t heard about her comic, check it out. Check, Please! might give you a few ideas about boosting your webcomic.

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