Hiveworks re-opens submissions — get on it!

If you’re looking to publish on one of the most-respected webcomics sites around, here’s some good news: Hiveworks Comics has reopened submissions. Just be warned: It’s not easy to get accepted here.

If you want to try your luck, here’s the submissions page. You’ll need to send in a pitch letter, some background information on the creators involved in your comic and a detailed story synopsis. And the folks behind Hiveworks are clear about this: Don’t hide your twist endings or surprise plot points. Hiveworks wants to know exactly how your comic will start and how it will end.

If you scan the site, you’ll see that it features plenty of high-quality comics. So this is a place for your best work. And you’ll need to sell your story hard; Hiveworks gets loads of submissions.

But if you think your comic is right for the site? Give it a try. It’s one sure way to expose your work to a lot of readers.


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