Tin Takes Over now live at Tapastic

The science-fiction comic I’ve been working on with talented artist Joseba Morales, Tin Takes Over, is now live at the Web comic site Tapastic. Well, at least the first episode is. I’ve be updating the comic every week with new episodes. 

If you ever watched Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot when you were a kid, this is like that, only the star of this series hates the giant robot she has to work with, for reasons that will be obvious to anyone who reads the first few pages of the story.

So why go with Tapastic instead of pitching this to a traditional publisher? I’m already working with a traditional print publisher for my comic Slash in Love, the second issue of which is set to come out later this summer. For Tin Takes Over — which is a shorter story — I wanted to see if I could build an online base of fans. I also wanted to be in charge of the story, when it comes out and how it comes out.

I’ve had some success with Tapastic in the past, publishing some of my short comics there. Those comics have slowly — very slowly — built up a base of views. I want to see what happens with a longer comic.



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