Bad fan fiction? Polar Bear Comix is interested

Here’s an example of what Polar Bear is looking for, a mash-up of Old Boy and Pokemon.

We’ve all seen some pretty bad fan fiction. But what if you could be published for writing some awful fanfic of your own?

That’s the opportunity that Polar Bear Comix is now offering you!

The publisher is seeking comic submissions for its Unfortunate Fanfic anthology. So if you have an awful story of when Sherlock Holmes fell in love with Watson? Now is your chance to turn it into a comic. (Be careful, though; Polar Bear doesn’t any nudity or graphic violence, so keep it cleanish.)

You can find the submission guidelines here. Polar Bear wants short comics, one to two pages. The company is paying $46 a page plus five free copies of the book. You’ll need to turn in completed art, though — no bare scripts.

Before starting a comic, though, pitch your idea to the company. The deadline for pitches is June 12, while the deadline for completed comics is Aug. 28.

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