Mixed-race creator? The new Alloy Anthology wants your story

The 2000 U.S. Census is old news by now. But one of the most interesting aspects of that report was that it was the first to allow respondents to select more than one race for themselves. 

Back then — and we’re talking more than 17 years ago, remember — about 2.4 percent of the population, or more than 6.8 million U.S. residents — considered themselves to be mixed race.

You can bet, then, that there plenty of people out there who are mixed-race today. And those folks? They have a new comic anthology that’s perfect for their talents. (Yes, that was a long introduction to a post on a new comics anthology seeking submissions.)

Anyway, the Alloy Anthology is now looking for submissions from mixed-race comics creators. As the submission guidelines say, the Alloy wants the anthology to serve as a sort of “love letter” to mixed-race people and the next generation of mixed-race kids.

That sounds like a great idea for an anthology to me. So take a look at the guidelines. If you have something to say about growing up as a mixed-race person, get busy. This is the perfect anthology for you.

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