Want to get noticed? Submit your comic scripts to anthologies

Anthologies are a great opportunity if you write comics. You’ll have better luck placing a story in an anthology than you will getting a publisher to bite on a longer comic series or graphic novel.

At least that’s the hope.

There are two anthologies accepting pitches now that I’m hoping to land short comics in. The first is an odd one, a pizza-themed anthology by Vagabound Comics. Yes, that’s right: Every story has to have something to do with pizza.

I’m working with an artist now on an eight-page script for the anthology. And if you’re interested, too? The deadline is March 18, so get busy with all those pizza stories you’ve been sitting on.

Pretty big independent publisher Alterna Comics has opened submissions to a new anthology, titled It Came Out on a Wednesday. This is an interesting one because it’s ongoing, a bi-monthly anthology that will hold there to four stories in each issue.

The stories have to be horror, science-fiction or fantasy, so there’s a lot of opportunity here to be creative.

Again, I’m working with an artist on a story to submit to this anthology, a 12-pager.

Of course, I have no idea if either comic will be accepted. The competition for comics anthologies is pretty stiff. But getting into more anthologies is a goal of mine for 2018. Why? The more published credits in my name, the better my chances of seeing publishers pick up my longer works.

Again, at least that’s the hope.

Even if the stories aren’t accepted, I’ll still have two completed short comic works that I can show to other publishers. And writing the stories was good practice. I came up with the ideas for both stories only after learning about the anthologies. Then I wrote them quickly enough to give the artists plenty of time to work on them. That’s good writing practice.

I’ve already had some success this year. I will have a short story in the upcoming Doomsday TV comic anthology by comics creator Ozzy Longoria. That anthology is coming out later this year.

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