Comics artist Andrew Wales: Not every comic book has to be dark

The characters that fill Andrew Wales’ comics are decidedly goofy. And Wales, an artist from the town of Athens, Pennsylvania, would want it no other way. He lists Mad Magazine as one of his greatest influences, and says that his goofy professors, students, time travelers and superheroes help him point out just how silly life can be.

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Can’t draw? Here’s what you need to get your comics published

If only I could draw. That’s my lament. If I could draw, I wouldn’t have to hire artists to bring my comic scripts to life. But I can’t draw. So I need to work with artists. If you’re in the same position, here are four things that you absolutely must have if you expect to ever see your comics published

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Mark Bertolini and the power of persistence

Mark Bertolini is all about persistence. Like most comics writers, he once dreamed about writing superhero comics for Marvel and D.C. That hasn’t happened – the odds are against this happening for any comics writer – but it doesn’t mean that Bertolini hasn’t enjoyed success in the comics industry. In fact, he’s one of the busier comics writers you’ll find.

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