Slash in Love — a look back at the awful horror movies of the ’80s — is live

Are you a fan of the classic slasher movie Halloween? How about Friday the 13th? Or maybe you cringe a bit when you look back at the bad acting, often-cheap special effects and, of course, horrible writing of these oldies. Either way, you might like my horror/comedy comic running now on the Tapastic webcomic site, Slash in Love,

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Comics writers — Save some money and let your words handle more of the storytelling

There are plenty of ways to tell visual stories today. Author Eric Hobbs, the creator of such graphic novels as The Librarian and Awakenings, knows all about this. Sure, he’s penned standard graphic novels in which every scene is illustrated in comic panels. But he’s also working on a project that combines graphic and prose storytelling techniques.

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