Sometimes you shouldn’t try to find out who your spammers are — The weird, depressing world of Boycott American Women

I get plenty of spam on this site, thanks largely to my own laziness. As you can see from the posting dates, I abandoned the site during the summer as I moved to a new home. So the spam comments — thankfully, not published — have been backing up. Most of these are the same old boring stuff we all […]

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Slash in Love — a look back at the awful horror movies of the ’80s — is live

Are you a fan of the classic slasher movie Halloween? How about Friday the 13th? Or maybe you cringe a bit when you look back at the bad acting, often-cheap special effects and, of course, horrible writing of these oldies. Either way, you might like my horror/comedy comic running now on the Tapastic webcomic site, Slash in Love,

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