Comics writers — Save some money and let your words handle more of the storytelling

There are plenty of ways to tell visual stories today. Author Eric Hobbs, the creator of such graphic novels as The Librarian and Awakenings, knows all about this. Sure, he’s penned standard graphic novels in which every scene is illustrated in comic panels. But he’s also working on a project that combines graphic and prose storytelling techniques.

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A second life for your previously published short comics? Try the ReadyMade anthology

Do you have any short comics that were published in an anthology that didn’t exactly perform well? That’s always disappointing: You’re thrilled to have a comic published, but once it is, there’s no reaction to work, no reviews, no comments, no sales. Well, there is hope for those short comic stories in the form of Octal Comics’ ReadyMade comics. ReadyMade […]

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